Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sew and sew

After discussing my love of 1940's pants with Miss Inky i have decided to put the thimble back on again.
The first garment i made, as a teenager in school, was a lovely pale blue Hawaiian print dress, it took me the whole semester to complete this project.From the cutting out stage, and then sewing it all together, only to find that i had cut it out upside down and all my beautiful hula maids were standing on their heads.
Suffice to say i didn't get to model my handiwork on the stage at the Year 7 assembly.
Fast forward many many years and i decide to ask my Gal Friday to teach me and my friend Pussy Le Claw how to make Capri's. Surely it cannot be too difficult ? I have, after all, previously mastered a dress. What was i thinking ??? I don't think we ever finished those Capri pants but we sure had a fun time and this was way before "stitch & bitch" nights even had a name !
So here i am again attempting to sew another pair of pants.
I realise the first thing i must do before i even begin is i must squish my impatience and learn perseverance. I see a cute pattern on Ebay and want the finished garment NOW. I don't care to wait. But now i am not only re-learning to sew, i am learning PATIENCE !
So this being said here is the pattern. I am armed with an email "sewing 101" from Miss Inky and she will act as my mentor.
This is the pattern i will be using at Miss Inky's suggestion. I am yet to buy the fabric, but am thinking denim.
Soooo, if you want to sew a pair of pants and join me on this quest please jump on in
I will keep you updated and post pics as i go.
Wish me luck and
May The Paws Be With Me


  1. yay! you can do it Miss Kitty and I'll be there to help you - well, 3000 miles from Graceland, lol.

  2. oooo i want a pair!
    I just bought a pattern to try the same thing - but they arent as cool as yours. looking forward to hearing how you go.Im too scared to try - still have visions of my 15 yr old self crying about the twisted hem of my ugly skirt!

  3. Keep me posted Claire,
    i think we are both in the same boat !!!

  4. You can do it !!!!! I also have that pattern if you need help xxx

  5. too bad you don't have me there to make them for you~