Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Du Wop Private Red Lipstick

Today my Du Wop Private red lipstick arrived !
This is the blurb from Sephora.....
What it is:
A unique, color-changing lipstick that morphs to each woman's personal, private red.
What it does:
Private Red's formula adapts to each person's unique chemistry and will adjust accordingly, providing the perfect red shade that complements each person's coloring. The silky lipstick goes on smooth and the rich pigment leaves behind a slight stain so lips stay red.
What else you need to know:
Private Red is more than just the perfect red lipstick, it moisturizes lips with Castor seed oil.
I REALLY like it, it went on a dark red then changed to a fabulous day red. The other nice thing is that it is not drying and stays on really well. I am very pleased with this one. So let's see, the current count of red lipsticks, is um well,
too embarrassed to say.


  1. There's an award for you over at my blog! xoxo

  2. Hmmmmm, very interesting, I still haven't found my right red yet. Maybe I'll try this one!

  3. I sooo want that lipstick!! I also gave you an award! -must be something in the air...

  4. Is that a little Boston Terrier on your shirt?!? Love it! I have a Boston ;) Oh, love the lipstick, too...must try!