Thursday, October 29, 2009


Everywhere i look i see toadstools.

Is it just me ?

I was in Target and came across the Smurfs Toadstool House in the toy section. I wanted to buy it, just because it was a toadstool, luckily common sense prevailed. So when i got home i started thinking how cute a toadstool beret would be. Or a toadstool brooch or toadstool socks, a quick look on Etsy yielded results from a store called The Tiny Toadstool !

This beret is the bee's knee's !!!

Now i want a Toadstool House for me to live in, but i would have to move to Turkey

Or i could always build my own.......

Jeanette Walls

So today, i am really excited about a 40% off coupon that came in my inbox this morning from Boarders and that it coincides with the release of Jeanette Walls new book "Half Broke Horses".

She wrote "The Glass Castle" and this is one of my all time favourite books . So am interested to see if this new book will be as good as it.If you haven't read The Glass Castle you should ! I also heard somewhere it was being made into a film.......
I probably won't go see it as i am always so disappointed by film adaptations of books that i love.

The PURRFECT Red Lipstick

I have been on a long quest ,spanning 2 decades, searching for the perfect red lipstick,and I think i may have found it. I cannot narrow it down to which shade i like better.
I bought 2 shades of the Illamasqua lippies. Box & Maneater, they are both AMAZING !!!
I will never buy another MAC lipstick again, the only down side to these is that Sephora in Nashville doesn't stock this brand, so i pretty much had to google swatches and go off what other people said, I was not disappointed.
They are not too drying, are pigment loaded and stay on for ever. I just wish i could see the whole range in person, maybe an Illamasqua road trip should be planned ???
I have decided that Maneater is my new "day" red and Box my "night" red and sadly Sephora doesn't stock any of the Illamasqua lip pencils. Seems they are only available in Europe. I really want to try the Illamasqua foundation too, just another reason for the road trip !