Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dance With a Stranger

This movie would have one of my favourite films of all time. It stared Miranda Richardson and Rupert Everett.
It is based on the true story of Ruth Ellis the last woman to be executed in England in 1955 at Holloway Prison.
She was 28 years old.
Her story is a tragic one and am sure if she commited this crime today the outcome would be a very different one.

The following was written by Lynda Osborne ~ The Life and Execution of Ruth Ellis in Criminals/Outlaws.
At the age of 17, she became pregnant, having embarked on a love affair with a French-Canadian soldier, but like so many girls of that time, Ruth discovered her lover was married with a family in Canada.

On 15 September 1945, Ruth gave birth to a baby boy, Andre Clare, (Andy). In order to support her son, she found a job as a model for a camera club. This included posing nude for the club members, which was quite scandalous for the time. From here Ruth found a job as a nightclub manageress.

While working at the nightclub Ruth fell pregnant but terminated the pregnancy before the end of the first trimester. And it was also here that she met her husband-to-be, a dentist by the name of George Ellis.

From an early stage the relationship was tempestuous. Like Ruth's father, George was a heavy drinker. He eventually admitted himself into Warlington Park Hospital, Surrey to be treated for alcoholism. From here he found work as a dentist in Southampton, and in spite of the volatile nature of their relationship, the couple were married on 8 November, 1950. But the marriage continued to deteriorate. Ruth left her husband on a number of occasions but always returned and it wasn't long before the police were called to deal with their domestic disputes.

The following May, George lost his job, but found work in Cornwall. This time Ruth didn't follow immediately, but discovering she was pregnant, she decided to give the relationship another go.

Once again George was drinking heavily and decided to re-admit himself into hospital. Even though he was undergoing treatment, Ruth began to suspect her husband was conducting improper relationships with staff and patients and as a result of her suspicions violent rows ensued. After one such row George's psychiatrist, Dr. Rees intervened and prescribed the distraught Ruth a course of sedatives. She was to remain under his care until she was charged with murder; her medication just one of the mitigating factors not brought up at her trail.

On 2 October, 1951 Ruth gave birth to a daughter in Dulwich hospital, London but the arrival of the baby did little to save the marriage as soon after George filed for divorce.

By now Ruth was very much a part of the London nightclub scene but she was a doting mother and, with two children to support, she found a job managing a drinking establishment called the 'Little Club'. Here she met David Blakely, a man who was to have disastrous consequences on her life.

In spite of her affair with Blakely, Ruth was also seeing another man, Desmond Cussen. Together they would spy on Blakely whom she suspected of being unfaithful.

Ruth fell pregnant for the fourth time but miscarried, allegedly following a blow to the stomach during a row with David Blakely.

Ruth was convinced of her lover's unfaithfulness. She was driven to Hampstead to confront him by Desmond Cussen just 10 days after the loss of her unborn child. Together they waited outside the Magdala public house, South Hill Park, for Blakely to leave.

Seeing Blakely leave the pub, Ruth called out to him, but he ignored her, a mistake which was to cost him his life. With a .38 revolver Ruth fired, hitting her lover with her second shot, and as he fell to the ground, she stood over him and fired the remaining bullets into his prostrate body. She was arrested by Alan Thompson, an off-duty policeman, the smoking gun still in her hand.

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  1. I loved this movie...Miranda Richardson was PURRFECT in it, I wanted to look exactly like her! And despite the character he played, I loved Rupert Everett too...have you heard my story regarding him Kitty? One for the Pawphone...thank you for this article, I enjoyed it muchly...

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  3. Hi Kitty!!!. I've been investigating into the Ruth Elli's case, and after reading several books about her, I came across " My sister's secret life", by Monica Weller. The film doesn't tell the truth. Monica has been researching for more than ten years, and she has come to the conclusion , that Ruth was innocent. If you want to read more about it, go to http://copperknob.wordpress.com/ All the best. Armando

  4. Since you're in Australia, you could try and find out about Desmond Cussen, who left London after the trial and went there, but he just vanished. I think he knew more that he told. It would be very helpful of you to bring get as much info as you can about him. I believe he died many years ago.