Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane........

I got some very sad news from home and now i am awaiting my e ticket so i can get on a plane on Wednesday to fly back home. It is 24 hours door to door, and no, i am not one of the people who enjoys flying. Shorts trips ? Not a problem. Long flights nooooooooooooooo !!!!

I am flying Virgin Atlantic instead of qantas (and never have before) and from everything i have heard they are supposed to be a fabulous airline. I have 2 books, my pillow ( the one they give you on the international flights is the size of a sanitary napkin )a big blanket that folds up to this size of a matchbox, Nintendo d.s and candy. I have also packed my eye mask, ear plugs and snoozin pills. I am packed and ready to go. Just wish i was returning under happier circumstances. I wear my most comfortable clothes on such a flight: jeans, long sleeved t, and old rayon coat, i travel in comfort not in style......
So it begs the question how do you travel ???

See you all when i get back to the USA


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