Monday, October 4, 2010

Anne Marie of Paris handbags

Please excuse my absense of late, have had a bad case of bloggers constipation !!!

I think it is a direct result of all the chemo and drugs but I am back.........

I have had this search in Ebay for many many years and have had only 2 matches in the whole time, both for the champagne bottle purse. Which leads me to the question ~ who was Anne Marie and why are her purses so hard to find ? Why is so difficult to find out about her. I think i will take a trip to Paris to research her.
From what i have learned, "Anne marie of Paris" was a high end shop in a Parisian hotel. Hotel Meurice was situated at 228 Rue de Rivoli.
The German commanders used the hotel as headquarters during World War Two and Ann Marie's shop was part of the rebirth of Paris after the War.
My good friend Miss Bamboo and I are trying to find out more about this label, so if you know anything, anything at all i would love to know. I was told there is also a birdcage purse, but i wonder how many other different designs there were.


  1. Great to see you back Kitty:)Sorry i don't know anything about the bags.How are you?I hope your doing better *hugs*

  2. Hope you're doing well!

    Those are such great purses! I've never heard of her but wow!

  3. Those bags are amazing! Wonder if she influenced Lulu Guinness.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  4. @Marsipan ~ i wondered the same thing !!!

  5. Hello, also i'm in search of this label know also as marie of france. about this label there are some other interesting bags. like piano bag - radio bag- alarm clock bag - drum bag - vending stan bag-writing board bag-powder puff bag.If you want i can dsens picture about this bag.In you image playng cards bag- phone bag and -mandolin bag.Phone there is also in white leather.The champaign bucket bag reims with lucite ice was made as a christhmas gift for vip resident of the hotel ritz in paris in the 40s

  6. Just found the Anne Marie radio purse
    Call me if u can 1310869 4952

  7. I'm in Chicago but I live in CA
    I also have the champagne
    Bottle Anne Marie , it's missing
    Some of the ice cubes
    I'm a picker/ collector

  8. I have the champagne bucket purse in white leather. My mother also purchased a piano keyboard purse in black leather in the late 1960s.

    1. Are you interested in selling the champagne purse?

  9. Another Anne-Marie of France purse

  10. i have a what looks to me to be a sunflower purse. its in beautiful condition but like you i have et to find anything about the label also. i have photo's if you would like to see. my e-mail is

  11. Hi there,
    I have the piano, telephone and bird cage purses and that is also my guitar purse (above) in Anna Johnson's book (meaning my actual purse...she's a friend and photographed about 150 of my vintage bags for the book.) I wish I had more info about Anne Marie and her bags but there is not much info out there. I wanted to mention I will be selling my piano purse on my website in the next few days. Thanks for this post!

  12. Wow! These bags are truly original. Have you heard of basket bags made from food containers?