Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cuckoo Crazy

My friend Miss Inky told me about this website that has the cutest
clothing and accessories
i just adore the little red riding hood one skirt,
and while looking at all her fabulous things i came across this funny cuckoo clock sweater guard, it's on my MUST HAVE list !

So off i went to explore other cute cuckoo things!


  1. I'm cuckoo for cuckoo things - i want a real cuckoo clock very much - look at that little cuckoo clock ring!!!

    and shoes to go with - not cuckoo but sooo bavarian -

  2. I want that cuckoo clock purse !!!
    I may try and make a felt one....

  3. oooh how cute! i just found your blog and you are too cute for the cuckoo clock sweater clip....adorable!

  4. Such a fan of your blog, I've given you an award........

    and please do let us know if you do make that felt cuckoo clock purse! how fun!