Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chemo Cool

Chemo cool ?
I have been trawling the Internet looking for ideas for head coverings & hats & ideas for when i lose my hair from chemo. There is nothing out there.
I just cannot believe there is no one else out there who wears vintage ( or alternative clothing) and has had or has breast cancer.

Why is it so difficult to find anything vaguely cool or interesting ? I know i am not the only gal out there who loves vintage fashion and has breast cancer, and who refuses to look "normal" and wear a stinkin' cute floral hat that either screams "I HAVE CANCER " or makes me look like I belong some weird religious sect that dictates all women cover their head.
I will keep looking and updating this blog as i find things.
So far i have bought 2 black turbans from Forever 21 and that's it. My intention is to sew a huge faux jewel to the centre of each turban and wear big hoop earrings ala' gypsy fortune teller from some travelling circus circa 1934.
I may just have to buy one of these totes though to tote all my reading material to chemo which starts on March 9 2010.


  1. oh those bags are soooooo cute,you HAVE to buy them - imagine the looks you will get!
    good luck xx

  2. maybe it would look cool if you wore a scarf like you do when ýou have done your pincurls... tied in the front instead of the back, that is a little bit vinatage

  3. I think I have a vintage turban or two around here someplace, I'd love to send down a little box. Let me know if you're interested. Nicole

  4. Hey Nicole,
    YES i am ineterested !!!!!!
    How do i contact you ?

  5. Heard about what has happened to you through the "blogvine" ...

    Don´t give up ! Keep kicking that cancers A**! Wishing you the best of luck and lots of love and supportive friends !

  6. awww i love this cool stuff! hang in there and keep kicking c's ass and taking names!