Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Step Right Up Folks !

January brings a long love of all things vintage big top related. Carnival stripes, circus girls, elephant handlers, snake charmers, fairy floss, clown hats and side show alley( and yes i still heart you Pee Wee !)

The amazing Miss Batcakes makes the coolest circus hats !

I am lusting after her circus collar !

This past week i have also re watched the fabulous HBO series Carnivale. Every time i watch it i see new things, draw new inspiration, fall in love with a different character, and think "why did i not notice THAT, last time i watched this series ?

The set & costume design inspire me endlessly and now i want to live in a 1920's circus trailer with Management, blood red velvet drapes, beautiful dark wood,chandeliers, dust bowl print fabrics, old glass, 1000 leather bound books and a bottle of absinthe.
Who wants to run away with me & join the circus ? And speaking of the circus, due for release in April 2011 is Water For Elephants. Staring Reece Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson it is a film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel about a love triangle set in a 1930's circus.

Have not decided whether i will redbox this film or not. It usually happens if i fall in love with a book then the film usually disappoints me.
I will see it purely for the visuals, the set and costume design and that way i won't get caught up in how close the film follows the book.
Movies like these i like to watch at home so i can stop,sketch an outfit or idea and then restart it, but, i also love seeing it on a big screen too.
You can Watch the trailer here.
Let the show begin !!!


  1. Fairy floss! Yumm!!

    I generally avoid any circus with animals because i get all sad. However i have an obsession with circus related items. Especiialy handmade jewelry people list on etsy! There was a big top necklace!! Awesome!!! I need to wtch that show again! Great photos and post!!

  2. Oh Kitty you are too kind to me!
    PS- did I ever tell you I was the naked stunt double for the Babylon episode of Carnivale? Naked Handstand? Yup, that's me.

  3. you're right about falling in love with books then having the movie be a huge let down. I hope this one isn't. I loved this book so much!