Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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When i think of turbans i think of men sitting cross legged wearing a bejewelled turban and charming snakes out of a woven cane basket,
that said, i also think of Carmen Miranda. Which leaves me thinking is to hard to pull off
the the whole turban look ? Will it look like i have washed my hair and have it up in knot on my head or will i look like i am simply having a bad hair day and have my bad hair covered or will i look glamourous like a 1940's movie many questions i know !
Will this turban at Forever 21 make me look like one of the above glamour queens ?
I guess for $5.80 it is worth a shot
and if it doesnt work out guess what i can be for Halloween next year ??


  1. gloria swanson in Sunset Boulevard!

  2. turban it up lady!!! don't hold back... without a doubt if anyone can rock the turban its YOU!!! xxxa

  3. Let us know how it worked out, with photo's too !